Beautiful Beaded Bags – Trending Fashion

From the name of these bags beaded bags are made with beads put together to form a handbag, these bags have been in existence for a very long and they can be used to carry necessary objects when going out.

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Though some of these bags may look traditional they are still fashionable and can match

any kind of cloth you are wearing plus they can be carried to embrace any event or party.

Tools used for making beaded bags

  • Beads of any color
  • Lining fabric – must be the same color as the bead
  • Plastic thread
  • Needle and thread
  • Zip
  • Sewing machine – optional

These bags come in different shapes and sizes while some are small purses, the way they

are designs depends on the individual as you can mix different colors of your choice, give it

a long or short handle, add an external pocket, clip charms on them, add a zipper or leave it open, you can also create a pattern and even add beautiful stones on it.

Beaded bag making is a very creative work and art that’s why some people used as a decorative item in their houses in some part of the world.

They are different types of beads available that you can play with when making your

handbag like the glass crackle bead, seed bead, sugar bead, pony bead, acrylic fancy bead, ceramic bead, and so on.

Though this bags can be carried to everywhere yet it does not look totally appropriate for a corporate or formal environment.

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