How To Keep Your Shower Clean Daily With Little Effort

Although I doubt anyone enjoys meticulously cleaning grout lines with a toothbrush, I think we can all agree that our shower could use a bit more cleanliness. The fix is to start including quick, easy cleaning tasks in your regular shower regimen.

Cleaning your shower cubicle every day is preferable to putting it off until it’s so full of mildew that you cringe at the notion of scouring. You can avoid hours of laborious cleaning later on by giving the area a couple of quick spritzes of cleaning spray and squeegee swipes. These eight simple methods will help you maintain a clean shower all the time.

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How To Keep Your Shower Clean Daily With Little Effort

Use a High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head to Rinse the Walls

If you don’t already have one of these handy add-ons, you might think about getting one with a high-pressure setting as they will make cleaning the shower much easier.

After every shower, utilize the handheld shower head’s highest pressure setting to spritz down the walls. This will help to remove any soap, dust, or hair buildup on the walls by rinsing them off.

Squeegee the Shower After Rinsing

Ensuring the shower stays dry is the key to a cleaner shower. Since mildew and grout are like moist conditions, cleaning down the walls with water will help stop their growth. It’s crucial to prevent mold from getting to the point where it grows on mildew and moist grout.

After giving the shower a quick spray down, spend 30 seconds using a squeegee to wipe off the surface rather than spending hours cleaning away at filth and water deposits. This everyday duty seems less like a chore with this bamboo-handled, simple squeegee.

Spritz On a Daily Cleaning Spray

Simply mist the walls with this eucalyptus-scented cleanser after every shower. Soap scum will dissolve with the fluid; no scrubbing is required. You can put off the dreaded deep clean for months if you use this miracle shower spray in conjunction with the squeegee mentioned above.

Open the Door and Let the Air Out

Ventilating your shower is an easy way to keep it cleaner. One tip is to leave a restroom window open for several hours after using it. This lets any residual moisture evaporate with the outside breeze. Just make sure the weather allows for it!

Additionally, leave the shower curtain or door open. By doing this every day, you’ll create a dryer shower that will stop the growth of mold and mildew by allowing more air to flow.

Erase Away the Grime As You See It

I found the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to be the key to a cleaned shower curtain earlier this year. This scrubber uses the least amount of effort possible to eliminate months’ worth of mildew in a matter of minutes. Don’t worry if you’re unable to throw your shower curtain liner in the laundry; this is the solution.

Stop Soap Scum and Mineral Deposits

Mineral deposits on your glass shower doors are nothing new if you reside in a hard water location. Try this tip to stop the accumulation from happening in the first place. To prevent water from ever getting inside, spray the door every three months with Rain-X Original Glass Treatment.

Install a Shower Head Filter

Your shower head may have mold developing inside of it, which you may not be aware of. Maintaining shower cleanliness can be made easier by cleaning this component, which can greatly increase water flow and purity. Who wants to take a shower with soiled water splashing on them, after all?

A good shower head filter can help avoid accumulation altogether, even though you should clean your shower head at least once every other month. This one from VivaSpring stops bacteria, fungi, algae, and scale from growing.

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