How To Install Gems On Your Nails And Make Them Last Long – fashion

Installing gems and rhinestone is really trending these days and it is here to stay for good as lots of ladies love and cherish it for adding more beauty to their fingers.

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How many gems you decide to fix on your nails totally depends on you. You can fix it at the top, bottom, or on your whole if you wish.

How to fix gems on your finger

Paint your nails – The first thing to do is to paint your nails with whatever color of nail polish you wish to use.

Allow your nails to dry completely – After painting your nails give it time to dry completely this might few minutes to one hour depending on the type of nail polish you are using if you can’t wait for too long you can use a nail lamp to speed up the process.

Pour out a little glue – Pour out a few drops of glue on a disposable plate.

Apply the glue on your nails – Using a cuticle stick tap the glue on your nails. Only on the spot where you want to place your gems.

Place your rhinestone on your nail – Pick your rhinestone with the aid of a tweezer and place it on the exact spot you glued.

Allow the gems on your nails to dry properly before you start moving your hands. You can also apply clear nail polish on top of it to help hold it firmly and to last longer though it will make the gems dull and not shine as it supposes to.

You can also apply a little more glue on the gems to help keep them firm.

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