How To Grow Fuller Beards For Men – fashion

Full beards are a thing for some men as they prefer having a face full of hair and take it as their own form of fashion. Beards are facial hair that grows on the chin, neck, upper lips, and lower lips of a man.

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Unlike some men who love a free and clean face, other men love the full face but sometimes struggle to get that full that they desire.

There are many reasons why men struggle to grow full beards like genetic and age. Nevertheless, they are things that can be done to get the full beards you want.



How to get full beards

Give your beards time – Hair takes time to grow so you need patience by leaving your hair for a long time without shaving. This also helps in the case of men with patchy beards.

Shampooing – Just like the hair on our heads need care your beards deserve the same thing and one way to care for them is by shampooing them from time to time as it helps to make your beards look healthy and nice.

Supplements – They are products available that help and enhance beards growth you can also go for them if you can afford them.

Balanced diet – Your diet also contributes to your hair growth cause it provides all the nutrients you need.

Avoid stress – Stress can affect your general well being including hair growth.

Get enough sleep – Sleeping enhance our health

You can also decide to use natural ingredients to help your beard grow full and healthy, some natural ingredients have proven to really aid hair growth like onion juice, aloe vera, coconut oil, and rice water.

It should be noted that genetics really affect how full your beards grow.

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