Hair Breakage And How To Avoid Them – Fashion

Hair breakage is one thing that annoys and saddens ladies cause seeing your hair fall or break means that they are getting shorter by the day.

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Causes of hair breakage

  • Excess heat
  • Dry hair
  • Making hair that is too tight
  • Using a towel to dry your hair
  • Lacking proper diet
  • Excessive stress
  • Combing your hair too much

How to avoid them

  • Stay away from heat: if in any case, you need to heat your hair use a plastic bag in place of blow dryers.
  • Moisturize your hair properly
  • You can decide to go natural so as to maintain your hair growth and prevent hair breakage.
  • Deep conditioning: Try to deep condition your hair often as this will totally stop hair breakage.

  • Trimming: cutting off the bad ends of your hair can help to reduce hair breakage and improve hair growth, many people do not like this option but don’t worry it is just a small portion of your hair and it has benefited so look at the bright side of it.

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