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How To Get A Perfect Jheri Curl

Jheri curls were originally synonymous with soul, but the time and effort necessary to maintain them forced them to give way to lower-maintenance styles.

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If you want sleek, glossy curls, a combination of treatments that soften your hair while still holding the curl will suffice. Learn how to achieve Jheri curls in the traditional manner or with a chemical-free process that results in bouncy, modern-looking curls by reading on.

How To Get A Perfect Jheri Curl

Purchasing curls materials

Jheri curl materials are available for purchase. Kits are available at most drugstores and beauty stores. A softener to loosen your hair, a solution to set the curls, and perm rods should all be included in your package (which may be sold separately). You’ll also need a shower cap and activator (also known as Jheri juice, which keeps the curls looking moist and tight).

Making Jheri curls in the traditional manner necessitates the use of chemicals that might harm your hair permanently. Your hair may become dry, brittle, and even break if you apply the chemicals wrongly, use too much, or overdo it in any manner. One of the reasons why people stopped doing Jheri curls the traditional technique in the mid-nineties was because of the considerable hair damage.

Instead of doing your own Jheri curls, you might want to consider having them done at a salon. You’re essentially giving yourself a perm, which necessitates some hair expertise and understanding. Whether you have your hair done in a salon or at home, you’ll require touch-ups on a regular basis.

Soften your hair using a conditioner

Apply the softener that comes with your Jheri curl kit according to the directions. Smooth it all over your hair, making sure it’s as smooth as possible. Allow the softener to work for a specified period of time. This will help to relax your natural curls and prepare your hair for perming.

Roll your hair up in perm rods after applying the setting solution

Saturate your hair with a setting solution, divide it into pieces, and then roll it up in the perm rods according to the instructions on your package. Make sure the pieces are evenly divided and that there isn’t too much hair in the rods. To begin the process of permanently curling your hair, secure each rod and pour more setting solutions.

Perm rods are available in a variety of sizes. Make your curls the size you want them to be. When picking perm rods, keep in mind the length of your hair and the length of the curls you want.

Rinse well after leaving the perm rods in for the required period of time

Don’t keep them in for too long; the setting solution includes harsh chemicals that can cause serious damage to your hair if used excessively. Rinse the solution out of your hair for at least 10 minutes after the timer goes off.

A curl activator is used to keep the curls in place

Apply it to your hair and form distinct curls with your fingertips. It’s critical to maintain your hair moisturized throughout the day, as it will grow brittle and dry if you don’t. Use the activator on your hair at night and cover your pillow with a shower cap to avoid a messed-up pillow.

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