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How To Get A Mod Pixie And A Shag Cut

When it comes to cutting-edge fashion, hybrid styles are grabbing centre stage. The Mod Bixie, which combines the classic pixie with the current bob, is one of the most fashionable looks right now. In his portrayal of the Mod Bixie, he will illustrate how to section for smooth silhouette adjustments, interpret face forms, and generate voluminous flow without losing length. It’s the ideal transitional cut for when a guest’s standard pixie grows out and the nape area becomes too thick and looks like a mullet.

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How To Get A Mod Pixie

  • To better read the fall of the hair, use the wide teeth of a cutting comb in certain portions and the finer teeth in other sections.
  • When dry cutting, clips are in handy since they help organize the hair and allow for maximum precision when cutting and making a form.
  • Elevate sections 45 degrees and point cut with the Sam Villa Classic Series Shear to produce roundness at the nape to remove undesired bulk.
  • Sides: Using the fine teeth of a comb, take diagonal back portions on the sides (for more tension). To blend and shape, match the back parameters and point cut away from the body. The shape is created by the over direction, while the softness is created by the point cutting.
  • Create a top centre portion by elevating your head 90 degrees and matching it to the rear guide. Slide the shears outwards and up from the bottom to the pointcut the portion to generate softness.

How To Get A Shag Cut

You must then maintain the effortlessly messy look after choosing the correct shag cut to shape, whether from a hairdresser’s visitor by taking the scissors into your own hands. Thankfully, the layers should take care of most of the styling. “The aim of the shag is to have a little style as possible because this cut is all about embracing your natural texture and rolling out of bed.

After all, it turns out that the key to styling your shag is living a rock and roll lifestyle and not fighting it with too many products and curling irons.

To brush their scalp every night with a boar bristle brush to spread natural oils. For added definition or oomph, use a curl definer or texture boosting product while your hair is drying. Aside from that, feel free to simply leap out of bed and appreciate the well-planned chaos that comes with this iconic ’70s favourite shag.

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