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Lips – It is almost festive season and a lot of people will want to go wild with their makeup though you can do that anytime you wish festive seasons come with a different spirit.

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Ladies mostly will wish to look extra when stepping out to embrace the Christmas fun and having a sparkling lip is one way to look extra.

They are different ways of getting a sparkling lip like adding sprinkles on your lips but if you want a bolder look use gems.

Adding gems on your lips will not only give you a bold look but also a fancy and beautiful look making you stand out.

How to fix gems on your lips

Pour out your glue on a clean surface or disposable dish – Get a dish you can easily trash then pour your clear eyelash glue on it.

Pick up your gems –  you can use any color of gems you wish but make them all have a flat back to make it sit better on your lips.

Now pick up your stones one by one with a tweezer or any other tool you are comfortable with then dip it on the glue then start placing them on your lips from one end to another end. make sure you arrange them well.

Continue the process till you get the stone to your lips, you can decide to do it only on your top or bottom lips or both.

It all depends on what you are comfortable with also you can mix up colors too you don’t really need to stick to just one color.

The process of getting this done is very easy but you can also take it to a professional if you can afford it.

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