How To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

More ladies are adopting the ‘natural look’ these days for practical reasons. Simply put, it’s simpler to apply, touch up, and remove. Others believe that it also makes them appear younger. In addition, seeing skin and pores rather than cakey makeup is wonderful. We spoke with these makeup experts to get the inside scoop on how to use cosmetics to accentuate your natural beauty. They revealed their top suggestions.

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How To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

To lift your face, map out your brows

The simplest method for mapping your brows at home is to hold a pencil parallel to the side of your nose. You can choose where to start your brows by following that straight line.

Next, slant the pencil so that it is aligned with the outside of your eye while keeping it firmly in place on your nose. Where your arch should be is here. The pencil should now be further turned out and positioned so that it meets your eye’s corner. Your eyebrows need to terminate here.

For a Natural Glow, keep it Sheer

Keep it sheer and light to give off a shine naturally. My go-to items for enhancing are tinted primers or moisturizers. Use a cream blush and lip balm for a subtle wash of colour and a dewy finish to give a touch of colour.

Now, most makeup artists steer clear of complete coverage. They only use a small amount, just enough to brighten the skin and balance out the skin tone.

Utilize the product in key areas

To accentuate your features, strategically apply your items. Placement is crucial. Recognize the prominences on your face that you should naturally emphasize. On the other hand, recessed areas—like the jawline, cheek hollows, and side of the nose—are intended to look darker and are the ones you want to naturally recede.

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