Do You Really Need A Mini Fridge For Skincare Products

Do I require a mini-fridge for my cosmetics? That is a question you might be asking yourself when you go through your social media page and see stunning #shelfies that appear to have come from a skincare store.

These little refrigerators for skin treatment are often only a few litres in capacity (some aren’t even big enough to hold a water bottle), but their adorable colours and patterns make them seem larger than they actually are. But what do they actually do, and do you need one, aside from their Instagram-worthy aesthetic?

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What Kind of Items Can I Store in a Mini Fridge?

A tiny fridge can hold a range of skincare goods. Creams and moisturizers that are kept cold might feel more luxurious and have additional cooling and de-puffing properties. Sheet masks, serums, gels, and creams may all be kept chilled and organized in a little fridge. Other things you can place in your mini fridge are:

  • Jade roller
  • Sheet masks
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Night cream
  • Toner
  • Eye drops
  • Setting spray
  • Perfume

Cool temperatures can break the active elements in some cosmetics, so they won’t work well. The best place to keep other products, such moisturizers, clay masks, or facial oils, is on your nightstand.

Be careful not to freeze your cosmetic items stiff if you acquire a tiny fridge for them! A mini fridge for beauty products should be between 12°C and 16°C, as opposed to refrigerators for food preservation, which are typically set around 3°C; any lower may further compromise the integrity of the product.

Do I Need a Mini Fridge to Store My Beauty Products?

You don’t really need to, is the quick answer. The majority of cosmetics are put through extensive testing to make sure they are stable and resistant to harsh conditions, including scorching temperatures. In conclusion, the majority of your holy grails for skincare are probably secure in your drawer at room temperature.

Of course, there are exceptions. Your dermatologist would advise you on the need for refrigerator storage for some prescription-only products. The shelf life of natural and organic goods can be increased by storing them in a skincare refrigerator when they contain little to no preservatives.

Although it is not necessary to keep all of your cosmetic supplies in a tiny fridge, doing so offers advantages.

Do You Really Need A Mini Fridge For Skincare Products

Although it is not necessary to keep all of your cosmetic supplies in a tiny fridge, doing so offers advantages. Like:

You can minimize inflammation and deflate your skin with cool products

Make your skin less puffy by using cold skincare products like eye creams and moisturizers. The cold can improve circulation, lessen swelling, and “deflate” eyebags.

Your skincare regimen becomes more refreshing

Your cosmetics remain at a constant temperature thanks to a tiny refrigerator. On a hot day, a cold sheet mask is extremely cool. On the skin, it could be relaxing.

Certain products’ shelf lives are extended by it

While the majority of cosmetics sold today are shelf-stable, other formulas are more delicate. They can have their shelf life extended by putting them in a tiny refrigerator. This includes retinol, benzoyl peroxide, and vitamin C-containing skincare products.

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