How To Do Your Edges – Baby Hair

Edges designing are sure a new trend that has been embraced by ladies since it adds to the beauty of their hair.

Edges are actually baby hair that is in front of your head and not that long making it easy to play with and style whichever way you wish. To make your edges all you really need is

your edge controller, a brush, and the design you wish for in your head, and you are good to go.

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Though a lot of people still face challenges when it comes to doing their edges, it either

doesn’t come out the way they want or it doesn’t even lay flat at all and sometimes it

doesn’t last for long.

But cheer up cause all you need is a simple guide on how to get your edges done

  • Now the first thing you need to do is to know the exact style or way you want to design your edge.
  • Then get your brush and edge controller while sitting in front of a mirror.
  •  Brush your baby hair a little then dip your brush into your edge controller and apply it on your baby while styling it into whatever design you want.
  • Repeat the process over and over again till you are satisfied and you’re done.
  • Leave it to dry on your hair.

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