How To Differentiate A Man And Woman Shirt – fashion

Shirts are unisex wear but there is a shirt that is meant mainly for men and also for women.

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One can easily make the mistake of buying a man’s shirts for a woman and vice versa because they can’t tell the difference between them or probably think they are all the same.

How to differentiate men and female shirt

The sleeve – Whether it is a long or short sleeve shirt women’s shirt sleeves are always shorter than that of a man.

Also, women’s sleeves are usually tight and fitted than that of a man.

The style – The way a man’s shirt is sewn is totally different from that of a woman considering the fact that their bodies are different.

Men’s shirts are always sewn straight from top to bottom without any form of styling or shaping.

But women’s shirts are sewn with shape since they are curvy so they can fit properly, some women’s shirts even do come with darts on them to give a better fitting.

Button – the position of the buttons and buttonholes are totally different. The man’s button is usually on the right while the buttonhole is on the right but women’s buttons are on the left while the buttonholes are on the right.

These are a few tips that can help you purchase the right shirt for yourself or whoever you are getting it for depending on their gender.

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