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How To Clear Scars On The Skin Naturally

Scars on the legs can be reduced with home remedies. These therapies have little side effects and may aid in the reduction of fresh or small scars. Like:

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keeping the wound clean by cleaning it with mild soap and water on a daily basis

Apply petroleum jelly to the wound to keep it moist and prevent scab formation.

applying a bandage to the skin (or using silicone gel sheets on larger wounds)

Every day, change the dressing
If stitches are required, see a doctor.

after the wound has healed, use sunscreen every day

How To Clear Scars On The Skin Naturally

Massage with essential oils

Massage may be beneficial once the scar has healed. Gentle massage treatments around the scar can help to minimize collagen build-up in the tissues, which can help to flatten the scar.


Regular exfoliation after the lesion has healed can help the scar heal faster by removing dead skin cells. People might use an exfoliating cleanser or a loofah with mild soap and water to exfoliate the area around the scar.

Aloe vera gel 

Aloe vera gel has a long history of use in the treatment of skin ailments.

OTC creams, gels

To promote wound healing and scar appearance, over-the-counter medicinal lotions and gels are available. Scar sensitivity may be alleviated by using an antihistamine lotion, for example.

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