How To Achieve Eyebrow Slits

To provide the appearance of a slit, eyebrow slits entail shaving a little portion of the brow or lightly applying makeup over it. While some people want a more striped look, others prefer a single eyebrow cut. Many patterns can be used to make them. The majority of the time, people make appearance decisions solely for personal reasons.

Making tiny, vertical incisions toward the sides of your brows is the trick. You can create up to three slits on one or both of your brows for more customisation or to express your creativity.

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How To Achieve Eyebrow Slits

What You Require

  • An electric clipper or a razor
  • The Scotch tape
  • Tweezers

Mark It Out

Make sure you know where you want your slits to be before you start. The secret to this trend is personalization. Mark the vertical lines where you want the brow slits to be with a white eyeliner pencil. This will guarantee accuracy and precision.

Place Tape Parallel To The Line

Make sure there’s a small space between the pieces of tape on both sides of the line. Surgical tape works best since it is gentle on the skin and easy to remove. This is where the slit for your eyebrows will be made. You can avoid making any mistakes and follow the two pieces of tape to ensure that your shaving is straight.


Between the two pieces of tape, carefully shave the hair on your eyebrow. It’s all about moving solely vertically! To avoid removing the tape from the rest of your brow, be careful not to press too hard or to go outside the lines.

Remove The Tape

Gently remove the tape. Take caution not to remove any brow hair. To remove the liner, use a wet wipe. Use your tweezers to simply remove any hairs that appear to have been missed.

You now have a slit eyebrow

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