Makeup Look That Is Perfect For All Face Shapes

Making use of makeup is really versatile. It allows you to express your creativity, adopt a whole other persona, conceal scars and discolouration, or accentuate your greatest features. Because of its usefulness, minimalist makeup trends are growing in popularity these days. Additionally, using excessive contouring as a daily style is so 2008. Try these cutting-edge techniques to use makeup to accentuate your greatest features if you want to switch to more natural-looking appearances.

Makeup Look That Is Perfect For All Face Shapes

Skip the Contour And Highlight Instead

Avoid contouring and accept your natural face shape for a fresh, young appearance. Use a creamy highlighter that brings focus to the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and any areas you want to draw attention to by emphasizing your bone structure instead.

Emphasize Your “Aegyo Sal”

Aegyo sal, which translates to “cute eye fat,” is the term for the fat pocket directly beneath the lower lash line. In Korea and other Asian nations, where it is a representation of youth and charm, it is regarded as an attractive characteristic. Those who have it can highlight or colour the pocket itself with a lighter cream. If you don’t, you can still simulate a pocket by lining the area under your eyes with brown eyeshadow.

Use Gloss to Make Lips Fuller

A Cupid’s bow is a facial feature in which the upper lip has a bow-like appearance. Use two shades of lipstick and a gloss if you think this is your best feature or if you just want to emphasize the shape of your lips.

Apply the darker shade to your lips first by dabbing it on with your finger, and then place the lighter shade in the exact middle of your lips. For a clear, defined pout, lightly blend and apply a gloss all over, making sure to keep inside the lines of your lips.

Clean Up Your Brows

Caterpillar-shaped brows are still popular. The bushy eyebrow creates a striking contrast to the overplucked brows of the 1990s and even the ultra-defined brows of the 2000s, giving the face a youthful, natural appearance. Despite the fact that it requires a lot of work, it has a relaxed vibe.

It takes about two weeks to grow them to their fullest business. Then, by removing the stray hairs, make the desired form. To style, apply a volumizing brow mascara with microfibers to thicken your brows and give them the caterpillar effect. You can also fill in any sparse areas with a brow pencil or a microblading eyebrow pen.

Make sure your cheekbones are bronzed

While contouring can add angles to your face, it generally makes people look older. However, bronzer acts in the opposite way. Where shadows would naturally fall on your face—under your cheekbones, on your temples, along the hairline, on the sides of your nose, and along your jawline—contour is typically applied in a dark shade. On the other hand, bronzer is a warmer tint with peach or pink undertones that is used across the nose and on top of the cheekbones.

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