Hair Spray And Its Uses

Hair spray is a cosmetic hairstyling product used to protect the hair from wind and

humidity, hair sprays do not really have side effects especially when you use it moderately plus the fact that good ones hardly leaves residue on the hair.

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It is not ideal to use hair spray on wet hair because you won’t get that desired look you want so it is better to allow your hair to dry first before applying your spray.

Not everyone has time to wash off these spray from their hair before going to bed and such they lay on their pillow with this spray still on which sticks to their pillow and later

get on their face causing spots on their face so it is advisable to wear caps to cover your hair before going to if you know you can wash your hair at night.

For people who can wash their hair to get rid of hair spray from their hair, you should

use a very good shampoo, apple cider vinegar and the likes to get rid of the spray completely.

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