Exfoliating Glove Sponge For Soft Skin

Exfoliating glove sponge is made of gently abrasive material like nylon, or a natural fiber that’s a bit more textured than your average washcloth making it suitable for your everyday bath.

This sponge has gotten really popular as a lot of people love making use of it, especially

people that can’t afford to buy exfoliating scrubs or salt and most times do not have time for such things.

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When used a couple of times a week, exfoliating gloves can help to rid skin of cell build-up which is a major cause of skin dullness and breakouts. It helps to remove the dull dead

skin, making way for the fresh, healthy skin beneath it. As a result, skin can appear healthier and glowing.

It is recommended to exfoliate your skin daily that’s why this glove sponge is very useful cause it makes it possible to scrub your skin daily.

Using your gloves sponge for months is a very bad practice, it is good to change your glove sponge every three to four weeks.

Also, you should be careful when using this glove on your face because scrubbing your face will not get rid of more dirt and oil. This thin layer makes the skin more easily irritated.

It is even more preferable to wash your face with just your palm and then exfoliate not too frequently.

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