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Habits That Causes Ingrowth Hair

Ingrown hair is defined as hair that grows sideways and curls back into the skin. Sounds gross? Don’t worry, it’s common and treatable. Symptoms of ingrown hair include a raised red bump, a sore, itching, and discomfort. Sometimes, the hair will be visible under the skin, too. The usual culprit is improper or aggressive hair removal. Read on to learn how your shaving practices are causing ingrown hair.

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Habits That Causes Ingrowth Hair

You never change your razor

Make sure you’re using a new, sharp razor if you’re going to shave. According to a University of California study, the razor’s blade can get chipped when hair contacts with it or bends at an angle.

Consider how old your razor is. Typically, disposable razors last between three and ten uses. While a sharp razor promotes a smoother shave and removes hair more efficiently, a dull, worn blade might result in ingrown hairs. The latter shields you from discomfort and razor bumps.

You Don’t Prep Your Skin

Preparing the skin before shaving is crucial because shaving is the main source of ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs can be treated with gentle exfoliation, which is also a good approach to avoid them. Regular skin exfoliation removes dead skin cells that could obstruct hair follicles.

You Shave Off Your Dry Skin

Before shaving, always moisturize your skin and hair. Shaving dry hair might leave behind sharp edges that could irritate the skin again. Before shaving, apply shaving cream or gel to your skin and let it soak for a few minutes. To get a smoother shave, avoid pulling or going against the grain of your skin. It causes the hair tips to curl back into the skin and continue to grow there

You Pick at Your Ingrown Hairs

Even if you can see the hair under the skin, if you do experience ingrown hairs, you should resist the impulse to pick at them. According to the NHS, this can result in skin damage or put you at risk for infection. Instead, use a body polish to gently tease the hair from beneath the skin by exfoliating in circular strokes.

Although we cannot promise that you won’t ever experience ingrown hair again, using these suggestions will help you reduce your risk. Alternatively, you could try waxing or using depilatory lotions to prevent your hair from curling inward. If the region gets excruciatingly painful, swells, or begins to burn, see your doctor.

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