Facemask As A Fashion Accessory

Facemask was originally something worn by those in the medical but that was before the

appearance of the covid-19 pandemic that struck the world keeping everyone in their house.

But with time people were allowed to come out and go about their daily life only when wearing a face mask.

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without putting on a facemask people are restricted from access to certain places and that

is why now facemasks are staples in everyone’s wardrobe.

a lot of people became bored of wearing the same surgical facemask every day when going out and that was when fashion came into the rescue.

Facemask As A Fashion Trend

Today we see facemasks of different colors, designs, materials, and styles.

This is something all of us embraced quickly as they don’t have to wear the same surgical

facemask on a daily basis but can now change to a more fashionable one that can match with whatever they are wearing.

This idea really helped and made people start using facemask especially those who never

really loved using it when it was first made mandatory, but now whether you are going to

work, church, party, school, or just going to see a friend you have the perfect facemask to

match with your dress which is really exciting.

The most popular ones are those made with Ankara fabric, these ones are really loved and used by people a lot especially for occasions.

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