Does Gel Nail Polish Chip

Gel nail has been given the glory to be one of the best nails and now every girl is wishing to be spoiled with them. However, the thought of gel nail chipping sound almost impossible. With how durable gel nails are known to be it is almost impossible for them to be.

This is what we would be talking about in this article to find out if this is true and what can actually cause gel nails to chip.

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Do Gel Nails Chip?

They do chip, indeed. Unfortunately, the gel polish will chip if it is not applied properly to your manicure. destroying your lovely manicure.

If the gel polish is not of good quality, they could also chip. Or if you frequently labour without wearing gloves or if the topcoat starts to peel off.

How Do Nail Polish Chips Appear?

Bits of the layered colour polish come off the nails as your gel nails chip. Your once-perfectly manicured nails now look awful and tacky because the colour flow has been disturbed by missing sections.

It would be advisable to get the chipped nails fixed as soon as possible because leaving them neglected can give off an unclean impression.

What Leads To Chipped Gel Nail Polish?

If your hands are frequently submerged in water, gel nail paint is likely to chip. similar to when you wash dishes or clothes by hand.

Or if you work as a hairdresser and regularly wash your clients’ hair. If you frequently labour in the garden, it might also happen.

Any physical activity that you engage in with your bare hands that could deteriorate your manicure could lead to damaged gel nail polish. The top coat will gradually become worn off by water and debris, allowing it to penetrate the polish.

How to Prevent Chipping Nails

It is advisable to offer gel nails in your salon because they are so well-liked and stylish. You want to get it properly the first time, though, to prevent customers from returning with chips. Use the advice below to help stop unpleasant comebacks.

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