Different Types Of Makeup Brush And Their Uses

Makeup is an everyday thing for most ladies as it makes them look good and boost their confidence, it is also very fun to play with different colors and powders and watch your face change from one look to another. But it can be boring and frustrating when you do not have the right and complete tool kits.

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Brushes are essential tools for makeup they no way you will apply your complete makeup without using a few brushes to achieve that. In this article, I will list must-have brushes that you need to get your makeup done appropriately.

Foundation brush


Every makeup starts with foundation so there is no way you can skip that part that’s why this brush is a must-have for every fashion lover.

Stippling brush


This brush is very useful and can be used for many purposes. it is used to apply bronzer, blush, foundation, highlighters, and powder. It is a very soft and useful brush, it makes makeups look soft and natural on your face.

Powder brush


Adding powder to your face makes your face look flawless and this is the brush to get that done. Powder brushes are usually large and fluffy to help spread products evenly on your face.

Concealer brush


This brush helps you apply concealer on your face especially for people who have acne and spots on their face, you use concealer to cover those little part that’s where this brush come to play.

Blush brush


Blush brushes are also fluffy like the powder brush but they are less in size so as to fit properly on the cheek since that is where you apply your blush, this brush helps to give an even spread of the blush on your cheeks and a natural look.

Contour brush


Contour helps your face to look sculpted naturally, though you can use any brush for this but to get it perfectly you need a contour brush.

Highlighter brush


Adding shiny products on the face is trending now for all makeup lovers and this brush is the perfect one for that, it is designed to look like a fan with tiny bristles so you don’t apply too much shiny product on your face.

Eyeshadow brush


Eyeshadow is essentials in every makeup and you need a small brush you can easily use to control colors around your eyes.

They are other brush that is very important in every makeup you apply on your face like the bronzer brush, eyeshadow crease brush, eye-liner brush, mascara brush, and lip brush.

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