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Fashion accessories are items that make up our daily outfits and dressing. Whether you are a fashionable kind of person or not you cannot do away with these fashion accessories.

Both men and women make use of them on a daily basis, we just only rock our accessories

differently, for example, some people prefer the sophisticated look and want to look extra

on a daily basis, some other people prefer to look cool and still fashionable while others

don’t even care about looking fashionable they just for comfortable outfits and that’s all.

Whatever your preference may be we all still make use of these fashion accessories.

Types of fashion accessories

Bags – Bags are carried by both men and women to help carry things around comfortably since it will be uncomfortable to carry things in our hands when going out.

Shoes – We all wear shoes including kids to protect our feet.

Jewelry – Though some people may claim to not really fancy jewelry they seem to forget that even the little earrings they put on are also a type of jewelry.

Clothes – This is one of the basic necessities for all humans as it will be awkward to be seen walking naked around.

Hats – Both men and women wear hats for different reasons but it is mainly worn to protect one from the rays of the sun especially when you are on the beach.

Eyeglasses – This is also used to protect oneself from the sun during summer.

They are many other fashion accessories like belts, boots, gloves, shawls, socks, pins, cufflinks and many more.

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