Beautiful Pashmina Scarf Available For Ladies

Pashmina scarfs are made from cashmere wool gotten in Ladakh where a rare species of goat grows it over its underbelly to survive the freezing cold. since it is gotten from a natural source it is very soft, delicate, and warm.

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After getting the wool from the goat it is cleaned, spun, woven, and then handcrafted into pashmina scarves and other wrappable wears and materials. This material is soft to touch and can be used during cold weather to keep warm and comfortable.

Since they are luxurious materials they are to be taken care of in very special ways to prevent them from being damaged. The ways to take care of these materials are very easy and simple.

  • Always wash them by hand and not washing machines.
  • Do not wash them with hot water, you can use warm water.
  • Do not squeeze or twist your pashmina scarves after washing.
  • Never iron them with very hot iron instead put another cloth or material on top of them before ironing.
  • Do not hang them outside to avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.
  • Ensure they are completely dry before folding them.
  • Once completely dried fold and store them in the cupboard.

Pashmina scarves are not only for ladies cause they are unisex wears, they can be worn in any weather and styled in different ways especially in winter when we all will want to prevent ourselves from the cold and still look stylish.

You can decide to wrap your pashmina scarf around your neck on top of your jacket as a guy this way you are not protecting yourself from the cold but also looking stylish and standing out in public.

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