Can You File Nails with Gel Polish?

Anyone who uses their hands frequently and doesn’t have the time to constantly reapply new polish every time a chip develops would benefit greatly from a gel application. Gel nail polish is a great choice when determining which nail polish lasts the longest.

Regardless of how many emails you write or dishes you wash, your nails will typically remain in excellent shape for a few weeks. Possibly even longer if you take good care of them.

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Can You Shorten Your Nails With A Gel Polish Manicure?

A gel manicure may occasionally withstand wear and tear and last for several weeks. You might start to notice that your nails are growing if this occurs. Taking out the nail cutters could be your first instinct, but if you want to sell a healthy manicure, this is a horrible idea.

When you trim a gel-polished nail, the seal between the nail and the lacquer is broken (which is set by special UV light). When you do this, your gel paint is likely to chip and the manicure will quickly become unkempt. The nail also becomes susceptible to potential snagging.

It is suggested that you choose a new manicure, or at the least, reapply your gel treatment to the specific nail, when it comes time to trim your nails. You can use this to assess the condition of your nails. It may be time to give your nails a break if they are fragile or flaky.

Can You File Nails with Gel Polish?

So what about filing the nail if trimming a long nail with gel paint on it is prohibited?

Sadly, filing a nail that has gel polish on it is also not recommended. When you file a gel nail, you also run the danger of rupturing the bond that holds the gel coat to the nail, which will inevitably increase the chance of harm to your manicure.

Gel applications stick to your nails, so anything you do to them might also affect the nail below and possibly harm your own nails, weakening them over time. If you don’t have the necessary training as a nail technician, you might do more harm than good.

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