How To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Painting your nail with your favourite nail polish colour and then seeing it being chapped off in two or three days is very disappointing. As a girl who loves to paint my nails, I understand this feeling and decided to check if there is a way to make this stop.

Giving your nails the perfect coating is a lot of work especially if you are doing it yourself so you would want it to last for at least a week. If this is something you are also wishing for then let’s see how to make your nail polish last longer.

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How To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

When painting your nails, avoid soaking them in hot water

The first piece of advice is to refrain from dipping your fingertips in warm water both before and after painting your nails.

When you soak your nails in hot water, the nail’s surface may soften and expand. One’s polish cracks early as a result of the surface beneath it changing. This is one illustration of how nail polish can crack.

Moreover, you must refrain from soaking your nails in hot water after getting a manicure. Your nails can be stretched and made wider by water, and it can also lift the colour. Over time, this causes brittle nails.

Moreover, you might want to avoid getting cold water on your freshly painted nails. It’s a common misconception that immersing your fingertips in cold water helps hasten the drying process for varnish, however, this is untrue.

Moisture will penetrate under the polish’s surface if your nails are soaked in water for a long time. This is merely one of the explanations for why nail paint comes off so quickly.

Before painting your nails, always wash your hands

Your fingertip’s natural oils transfer to your nail. The varnish’s ability to adhere properly may be hampered by the natural oils. Use a polish remover on your nails before applying your base coat to avoid this.

After that, thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water to remove any remaining oil. Make sure your nails are completely dried before putting on the polish as the following step. Do you know how to maintain white nail polish clean in terms of keeping things tidy?

Polish your nails

You can make an even base by polishing the nail’s surface and filing the edges to remove ridges. By buffing along the free edge of the nail, you seal the keratin layers that could fracture as a result of filing. The natural oils in your nails might accumulate if you forget to buff them. Your nail polish develops a deposit from the buildup. Check to see if gel polish may be used to cut nails.

Use a top-notch base coat

Using a sturdy base coat can help your nail polish last longer. A top-notch, nourishing base is necessary for healthy nails. Your nail polish will apply smoothly and won’t chip if you use a decent base coat.

The proper base coat will strengthen your nails, fill in ridges, and protect them from stains. Look out for peel-off base coats if you apply glitter nail paint.

Apply a top coat of excellent quality

Moreover, a chip-resistant top coat will help your nail paint last longer and prevent peeling over time.

You might therefore want to choose your topcoat carefully. The formula of an excellent top coat will encourage hydration, strengthening, and protection.

Also, make sure the topcoat is still usable and in good condition. Always check the expiration date on the nail polish. The upkeep of a topcoat is therefore necessary. Its power will eventually wane.

You must reapply your topcoat every two to three days to keep your nails looking good between manicures. Make sure to completely cover the edges and tips with polish sealant.

Let the polish dry completely

Your nail polish should dry in around 7 to 10 minutes. If you want to avoid any denting during this waiting period, be patient while the polish sets.

The drying process can also be sped up by using cool hair. A fan or hairdryer will work to complete the task.

Make careful to set it too chilly because it will operate more quickly than warm air. Warm air has the effect of making nail paint bubbles.

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