Best Ways To Avoid Panty Lines – Women fashion

Panty lines are edges of undies that are visible through clothing like a long thin line.

These lines are very embarrassing especially when they are very bold and are caused when a lady wears undies that are excessively tight beneath a tight and thin dress.

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How to avoid these lines

  • Do not wear tight undies because they form bulges and announce them from underneath causing panty lines.
  • Avoid cotton undies when wearing tight and fitted gowns or skirts though they are the best material undies but announce themself too much when you wear them on tight dresses, you can wear your cotton undies when wearing jeans or dresses that are not fitted at all.
  • Go pantless: If you can go around without wearing undies and still feel comfortable then this option is for you especially on days when you want to rock a dress that is very tight.
  • Go for seamless underwear: These types of under do not have stitches on their outer areas plus they are gentle on the skin.
  • You can also try the power panties to help achieve that smooth surface behind plus these panties are breathable and super comfortable.

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