Belts – Unisex Clothing

Belts are flexible bands or strap worn around the waist to help hold cloth from dropping

and they are mostly made of leather. Belts are unisex items meaning they can be used by both men and women.

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Most of them are usually made of leather and a metal buckle while some are made with

heavy clothing, belts always look the same whether it’s a man or woman belt the only

the difference that could be noticed is the size, material used, and length of the belt.

These belts come in different designs and colors with different types of buckles, some are also decorated with stones and furs.

Depending on the kind of cloth or dress you are wearing you might decide to go for either the thin or wide belt, wide belts are used mostly by ladies to add more vibe to

their outfit while in some cases ladies wear wide belts to hide bulges around their stomach.

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