Beautiful Kaftan For Ladies – fashion

Kaftan is a long robe that originated from Asia but is now worn by different countries and is also fashionable wear. Kaftans are worn by both men and women and it is made with different materials, silk, cotton, satin.

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These gowns are loose-fitting, have wide sleeves, and are lightweight making them perfect for the summer season especially here in Africa where the heat is much. Females can rock their kaftan in different ways and styles.

You can wear your kaftan robe either as a long gown, or a short gown and trousers. You can decide to add stones or embroidery to add more beauty to your gown. These gowns are suitable mostly for a casual outings.

There are different types of kaftan – long, short, v-neck, fitted, open, and dual-layer kaftans. You can also make your gown with Ankara material which is really trending in Nigeria.

Kaftans are not really official outfits but in the world of fashion it could be considered as one and it all depends on how you style it also if such wear is acceptable at your workplace.

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