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Ankara office wears: Who said our beautiful African fabric Ankara can not be worn to formal or official occasions.

That is a fat lie, Ankara is an African fabric with beautiful designs and decoration, and it’s also part of our culture.

Hence the majority of people see it as an attire only for outings like weddings, church programs, cultural gatherings, and mainly parties.

People don’t take this fabric very seriously as an official outfit but they are wrong.

This fabric can actually be worn to the office or business meeting as an official outfit in different forms.

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Ankara office wears

Straight gown

Plain pencil skirt and flair blouse

Plain tops and Ankara skirt or trousers

Ankara shirt and trousers for men

You can also make it as a suit

For men, you make the jacket and trouser in Ankara material then the inner shirt can be plain white or any color of your choice that will fit in.

For women, you can also sew a jacket and trousers with your Ankara fabric while the inner

will be plain or rather if you do not like trousers or probably don’t wear trousers you can

make the down part to be a skirt.

For ladies, you can also make a beautiful long gown either a free or pencil gown with flair

hands these options are extremely beautiful when you make them with Ankara material.

So throw your thoughts of Ankara been only used for parties, visit your tailors with these

new ideas of Ankara office wear and rock to them.

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