Beautiful Iro Gowns – fashion

Iro gowns are a trending fashion that is loved by ladies especially those ladies that do not like the stress from tieing wrappers for special events. This gown can be made with different

materials like lace, Ankara, and any other material you wish to use depending on the occasion you want to embrace.

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This gown is mainly used for occasions, it is not the type of gown you can wear at home, to work, or for picnics. they are mainly for church programs, weddings, and other forms of parties.

The word “iro” is a Yoruba word meaning wrapper that is the name iro gown means

wrapper gown and there is a reason for this name. The name was given to it because the gown is sewn together with a wrapper that you can easily wrap around your body.

Though the wrapper is not usually long it goes from one side of your waist to another side

then it has a rope that you can tie behind. It is mostly loved by ladies and women that do not like tieing wrappers cause they find it stressful and uncomfortable.

Iro gowns make you look like you are wearing a blouse and a wrapper when you are actually wearing a simple gown.

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