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Beautiful Embroidery Designs And Stitches – fashion

Embroidery is the art of applying thread or yarn to fabric or other materials with a needle. Other materials used in embroidery include pearls, beads, quills, and sequins.

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These days embroidery designs are seen on hats, shirts, caps, denim and so on. It can also be used to cover up tears on clothes like jeans.

It is usually very sad to realize that your beautiful jeans skirt or trousers has been torn in any part and then you begin to think of throwing it away.

Well instead of throwing it away you cover it up with embroidery designs and stitches. All you have to do is pick any style like sun, star or even cat it all depends on how creative you are.

With that, you have not only covered up the torn part but also added beauty to your jean skirt or trouser.

Though its an old form of art, embroidery is still trending and its main function is to add beauty.

Types of embroidery

The beauty pattern you see may all look the same but there are of different types

Fish scale embroidery – fish-scale embroidery is a type of embroidery that uses the scales of fish such as goldfish to create motifs.

The majority of the embroidery is done on velvet. The scales of the fish are first prepared, and then holes are made at the base of each scale. It can then be embroidered onto the fabric.

Shadow work embroidery – Herringbone stitch is used in shadow work embroidery and is commonly employed on semitransparent or transparent textiles.

As a result, the shadow work can be seen on the fabric’s face in a lovely way. Georgette, voile, lawn, organza, organdie, batiste, muslin, and other sheer or semi-sheer lightweight fabrics are commonly used for this stitching method.

Patchwork embroidery  – The little pieces of cloth are frequently assembled on another fabric substrate in this technique.

They are usually arranged in a pleasing manner. In this technique, machine or hand stitches are employed.

The patchwork technique is utilized to create a more dramatic appearance, and you may use any type of stitch to embellish your design. Quilts are commonly embellished with this needlework method.

Embroidery using Candlewicks – Candlewicking embroidery is a type of whitework embroidery that uses a different technique.

On the unbleached muslin, this needlework is usually done with an unbleached thick cotton thread.

Candlewicking is referred to as a “traditional embroidery technique” because it employs an archaic method known as the “colonial knot.” On the design line, these colonial knots are made.

White embroidery – Whitework Embroidery is a type of embroidery that involves the use of white thread.

Whitework embroidery is usually done using white floss on white fabric. It’s also known as French Laid work.

Embroidery techniques such as Broderie Anglaise, shadow work, and others are always included in this method.

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