New trend: Heels for men

 Heels for men: The general knowledge about heels is that they are only for women who are fashionable, stylish, and want to look taller and sexy.

Men in heels date as far back as the 10th century, but the style rose in popularity in the 16th century, when men in Asian and Persian cavalries wore them. 

They were also worn by French royalty and upper-class men later in the 17th century.

Along the way, heeled footwear for men fell out of fashion and was adopted mainly by women.

However, these days with the level of trending fashion and different professional ideas plus the fact that people want to try new things and not just the normal everyday fashion men’s heels are also surfacing as a new trend.

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This trend now is embraced because it gives new look and a different personality.

Men feel totally different when they put on these heels and it adds to their confidence though some men put them on to increase their height.

Can Men Wear Heels

Though the thought of heels only belonging to women is still strong but fashion has proved that men can also rock heels confidently.

If you’re a man looking for a subtle height boost, elevator shoes, shoe lifts, or even low-heeled boots are a great choice.

AreThis shoes Comfortable

Men’s heels are very comfortable especially when you go for the right size and height.

When shopping for your heels as a man you consider your comfort and ensure you go for something you can easily wear.

Especially when you are wearing them in public so you don’t find yourself struggling to move to avoid embarrassment.

once you’ve got your right size you are ready rock your heels on whatever outfit of your choice.


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