Xiaomi The Top Phone Brand | Xiaomi has reportedly passed Samsung for the top spot in Europe

Xiaomi The Top Phone Brand – Xiaomi is now the top smartphone brand in Europe, according to a report.

It was found out from several Q2 2021 reports that it was the second brand in the world.

Xiaomi has enjoyed a new wave of success in 2021 as it took second place from Apple in terms of global shipments and delivered impressive yearly growth.

Another impressive thing is the European market share report revealed that the Chinese brand is now number one in Europe.

Xiaomi hit the top spot in Europe with 12.7 million units shipped or 25.3% market share in Q2 2021 according to a report from Tracking firm Strategy Analytics. Also, Samsung was second-placed behind with 12 million units shipped or 24% market share. Xiaomi achieved yearly growth of 67% compared to a 7% year-on-year decline for Samsung.

Apple is now in third place with 9.6 million units shipped and a 19.2% market share. It also achieved 15.7% growth compared to Q2 2020.

Meanwhile, Oppo (5.6%) and Realme (3.8%) occupied fourth and fifth positions respectively. Both brands are in the midst of a European expansion, with Oppo delivering 180% yearly growth and Realme attaining an astounding 1,800% yearly growth.

Realme first entered the European region in 2019, focusing on the likes of Spain. But it’s expanded in a big way since then to cover France, Italy, the UK, Russia, and more in 2020. So what we’re essentially seeing is growth from virtually nothing. It’ll therefore be interesting to see what kind of growth Realme can sustain once it’s a more established name.

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