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Why You Should Not Use Vaseline To Treat Acne

Everyone has experienced acne at one time or another. As a result, there are many cures and quick fixes for bumps and pimples on the internet. Vaseline, usually known as petroleum jelly, is one of those allegedly beneficial medicines.

Natural mineral oils and waxes are combined to create petroleum jelly, a gel-like product that is frequently used to hydrate dry skin and shield it against blisters and rashes. Many internet users assert that slugging, or applying Vaseline on your face, helps alleviate cystic acne.

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What Are the Common Skin Care Applications for Petroleum Jelly?

Petroleum jelly is fantastic for nourishing chapped winter skin, smoothing out unruly brows, and softening rough cuticles. Vaseline is additionally frequently suggested by dermatologists to patients with eczema.

However, using petroleum jelly as an acne treatment plan is not advised. Products that contain oil, clog pores, are comedogenic (tend to produce blackheads), and acnegenic should all be avoided by consumers (increasing the likelihood of acne).

Petrolatum will clog the pores because it is intrinsically comedogenic. “Acne will not be cured. It will genuinely bring about it.”

Despite this, there are “so many better ways” to treat acne and petroleum jelly does have anti-inflammatory actions that may lessen the appearance of redness.

What Does Acne Treatment Look Like?

Basically, you want to choose acne treatment treatments that are appropriate for your form of acne given its severity and age. This implies that what works for some people might not work for you, and what helped you with teen acne might not help with adult acne.

If your acne becomes too severe for you to manage on your own, think about consulting a dermatologist who can advise you on further therapies that can help you get rid of your acne.

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