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Why I Switched To Facebook Dating

Just like other popular social networks, dating apps have become an essential part of life for millions of people in the digital age. New dating sites and apps are popping up every day, and it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and which ones you can safely ignore. There are so many options these days, but there is one app that stands out above the rest: Facebook.

With nearly two billion users, Facebook currently has the largest user base of any dating app. It’s no wonder why so many people are flocking to it as their go-to place to connect with other singles. Here are some of the key reasons why you should consider switching to Facebook dating instead of other apps.

Facebook Makes Dating Simpler

One of the best things about Facebook is how easy it is to make connections with other people. It’s not always easy to strike up conversations with strangers. But on Facebook, you can see someone’s profile, like their posts and comment on them without them even knowing who you are.

This makes it easier for people to make connections with others without the pressure that comes from in-person introductions. Another reason why Facebook dating is so much better than other apps is the ability to connect with more people than just those in your area.

You could be living next door to someone who would be a great match for you, but because they live too close, they don’t show up in your search results on Tinder or Bumble.

With Facebook, you can connect with people all over the world if you want to! And lastly, there’s no need for introductions when using Facebook dating because everyone has a profile picture and full name listed on their page. You’re able to learn about someone before making contact and cut straight through the awkward small talk sometimes associated with dating apps.

Facebook Offers A Wide Range Of Compatibility

Facebook offers a wide range of compatibility for singles. Whether you are looking for someone who is single and in your age range, or if you are seeking an open relationship or even just a hookup, Facebook has you covered. You can find the closest match to your preferences on Facebook with all the different options it offers.

Facebook Users Are More Exclusive

Facebook has a higher percentage of users who are actively looking for relationships than other dating apps. Roughly one in five single Facebook users say they are not interested in just hookups. This is significantly higher than the one in five of Tinder and Bumble users who say the same thing.

Facebook Users Are More Fluent In Online Dating

For some, the prospect of dating online can be intimidating. There are so many unknowns – who will you end up talking to? Where will you meet someone? What if it doesn’t work out?

With Facebook’s social network, you don’t need to worry about that. You already know who your Facebook friends are and what they’re like. And if something goes wrong, Facebook is still there for you! Facebook users are more fluent in online dating than other platforms because it’s all they really know.

They’re familiar with the layout, social interaction, and how to navigate around the site. If you’ve never used an online dating site before and want a good first impression on potential partners, Facebook is a great place to start.

You’ll Find Someone Faster On Facebook

If you’re looking for love, there’s a good chance you want to find it quicker than later. And if you’ve used dating apps in the past, you know that it can take a while before finding someone worth your time. But with Facebook, there are so many people who use it every day that your odds of finding someone quickly go way up!

Facebook is a platform where people go to interact with others – and that includes meeting new people. With over 2 billion active users, there are plenty of available singles on Facebook all the time.

And because users have to provide their phone number when they sign up for Facebook, what you post on your profile will show up on theirs too. This means that instead of having to spend hours swiping through profiles and trying not be picky about what you like in order to find someone worth talking to, Facebook allows you to see potential matches based on mutual interests and things in common.

You might think your profile is attracting no one or getting lost among other profiles, but remember that every profile has an audience just waiting to see it!

You Can Easily Contact New People

One of the best things about Facebook is that you can easily contact new people. When you sign up for a dating app, you’re often only given limited access to other users. For example, Tinder only allows you to chat with people who have swiped right on your profile.

On the other hand, Facebook gives you more options when it comes to contacting other singles. You can send messages or friend requests without being blocked by the person on the other end.

It also makes it easy to connect with someone without having to use up all of your matches. Since there are so many people on Facebook, it’s unlikely that you’ll run out of chances with a potential partner just because they don’t have time to respond right away or friend request quickly enough.

It’s Widely Accepted

It’s not just that Facebook has the largest user base of any dating app. It’s also widely accepted by your friends and family. You can sign up for Facebook dating without feeling like you have to censor yourself. You don’t need to worry about people judging you for using it or telling you about all the fish in the sea.

If you’ve been hesitating to tell your parents or friends, don’t worry because no one will ever find out about it unless you tell them. On top of that, if someone does ask what your Tinder profile is, and you tell them it’s Facebook, they’re likely to understand because it’s such a widely used platform and app.

Your Matching Abilities Are Unlimited

Another reason why Facebook dating is so successful is because it allows you to see people with whom you have mutual friends and interests. You might not know this, but on other apps, your matching abilities are limited.

There’s a chance that you might be matched with someone who has no common friends or interests with you. With Facebook, you have the potential to meet more people and have a much higher success rate when it comes to finding a match.

There’s No Charge To Use It

One of the best things about Facebook dating is that it’s free. For most people, this means they won’t have to worry about paying for any premium features or extras. This can be a huge relief when you consider that many other dating apps charge up to $50 a month to use them.

Many other apps offer free trial periods, which can make it tempting to sign up for one of these apps and then cancel your subscription before you’ve had time to explore the app. The problem with this is that you don’t know how good the app will be until you try it out and by then, you may have already committed yourself to a monthly fee.

With Facebook dating, there are no hidden costs or fees which means you can try out the site without worrying about any surprises in your bank account come bill-paying time.



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