What Is Sea Glass Nails And How To Get Them

A semi-sheer, cool-toned manicure with a matte texture that resembles a piece of glass that has been tossed around in the sea for months or even years is what sea glass nails are exactly what they sound like. Simply put, there’s a reason why individuals collect sea glass from their journeys and adventures.

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Even if you live on land, sea glass nails will transport you to the water because they are sheer, cold-toned, and perfect for summer manicures. However, they are simple to DIY and tailor to your tastes with whichever colours strike your fancy. They stand out among popular summer fads like bright red and lemonade yellow.

How to Get Sea Glass Nails

Your typical cream polishes might not be able to capture the alluring sea glass texture of frosted, fading soda bottles and other discarded fragments of treasure. Jelly nail polishes are perfect for capturing the transparent appeal of sea glass since they offer nails a sheer, translucent wash of colour reminiscent of Jello.

What distinguishes sea glass nails from other pastel manicures are the jelly colours. After two coats, you can still see through it because the finish is sheer. Use Aqua Jelly, a shimmering marine turquoise, Lime Jelly, a buildable fruity green, and Jade Jelly, a sheer light green, to create the ideal beginner sea glass manicure.

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