What Is Relaxer For Black Hair

Black hair comes in so many beautiful textures, from curly to coily. Curly hair can be stylishly and subtly changed up when it’s time for a new style, though. The perm is now in. For Black people and those with curly and coily textures, this term indicates chemically relaxing natural hair so that it becomes straight. To some, the phrase implies acquiring permanent curls in your hair.

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What Is Relaxer For Black Hair

Since more than a century ago, hair relaxers have been used to chemically straighten hair by penetrating the cuticle and cortical layers. The curly, wavy, or kinky hair patterns are straightened out during this procedure, giving the hair a classic straight, smooth appearance.

Are Relaxers Damaging to Natural Hair?

Home relaxer kits are convenient and affordable, and relaxers have been available for years. However, improper use of relaxers can result in serious, even irreparable damage to the hair and scalp. There are instances in which you ought to completely avoid this chemical treatment. If your hair has any of the following issues, stay away from perms: Damaged, Thinning, Breaking, Bleached

A relaxer applied on top of damaged hair will only make matters worse. Again, having a healthy scalp is crucial because the chemicals could also be damaging to your skin.

Try wet sets for a gentler method of straightening if your frizzy strands are resisting your desire for straight hair. If not, wear your gorgeous curls till your hair has had a chance.

What Is the Durability of Relaxed Hair?

A perm is permanent, as the name would suggest. But the hair that grows back is curly. Touch-ups at the roots are required to maintain straight hair. For best outcomes, these are often required every six to eight weeks. Avoid relaxing your hair too frequently because this might result in overprocessing, which thins and breaks your hair.

Care Instructions For Relaxed Hair

To avoid damage and maintain strong, healthy hair, relaxed hair requires just as much (if not more) maintenance than natural hair. First, depending on your hair growth, you must maintain a regular relaxing program that occurs every six to ten weeks.

You should keep a strict touch-up schedule in addition to regularly shampooing your hair and moisturizing your scalp with a mild oil to encourage healthy hair development.

Ideally, you should wash your hair every two weeks, but if you work out frequently or perspire a lot, you might need to do it more frequently, like several times per week. Use a deep conditioner, and be careful to style your hair with lightweight, moisturizing products.

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