Unisex Turtle Neck Shirt – fashion

Turtle neck shirts are mainly known for keeping one warm during winter though they can also be worn in any weather as long as you are comfortable with them.

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As unisex wear, it can be worn by both men and women of all ages. Turtle neck shirts are

body-fitted shirts that come with a high rolled collar that covers most parts of the neck.

It can be worn whichever way depending on where you are actually going. Turtle neck

shirts are both casual and official wears it just depends on how you wear them.

As casual wear, you can rock it on a pair of jean trousers or any type of trousers but if you

want it to look official all you need to do is add a jacket on top of it.

Some turtle neck is short like the mock turtle neck that ends around halfway up your neck or lower.

For people who are lovers of turtle neck shirts but are scared of putting them on especially

during hot weather, you can go for shirts that are made with less thick materials cause not

all turtle necks are very thick.

Though they fit people of all ages but not too good on old women because it exposes the loose skin under their chin.

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