Things You Might Need To Throway or Clean At Home

Should you throw away a dirty kitchen sponge or a mouldy shower curtain, or try to save them with a little cleaning?

Things You Might Need To Throway or Clean At Home

Kitchen Sponge

Throw it away! While a kitchen sponge works wonders for spills and sink cleaning, it rapidly harbours bacteria. To prolong its freshness, it is recommended to wring it out after every use and let it air dry. The best action is to throw away a sponge that begins to tear or smells bad, as there is no proof from studies that microwaving them removes bacteria.

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Shower Curtain

Clean it up!“Towels and detergent should be added to your washing machine and a filthy shower curtain to be scrubbed. This advice can be applied multiple times to higher-quality shower curtain liners. It will be obvious when the liner needs to be replaced when it exhibits significant wear.

Dish Towels

Clean it! Regular laundry is necessary because grease and food particles remain on dishcloths after usage. Replace dishtowels every few days and give them a bleach wash in between uses. advises against cleaning surfaces where meat is prepared with dishcloths.

Toilet Brush

Throw it out (often)!“Until the bristles fall out or the stains and odours get unbearable, this unsung hero of domestic cleaning is frequently disregarded. Even though bleach can be used to clean the brush, you should definitely replace the toilet brush more frequently than you might imagine. Replace it once a year if it is frequently cleaned with bleach. Replace it every six months if you don’t bleach it, or whenever a gastrointestinal ailment reaches your bathroom.


Clean it up!“The majority of pillows are safe to wash on a gentle cycle in warm water. To keep the machine balanced, you can wash two pillows at once with a light liquid detergent, excluding foam pillows. If the pillow is constructed of a special material, take care of it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. To keep pillows plump, place them in the dryer with tennis balls. Washing your pillows twice a year is sufficient for most regions; however, in warmer climates, wash them up to four times annually.

Food Containers Made of Plastic

Make it clean! “Fill it with a 50/50 mixture of water and white distilled vinegar for at least 30 minutes,” suggests Cohen. If the stain persists, use a cloth to scrub the areas and add baking soda. It’s time to discard any BPA-containing containers you may still have lying around or that don’t have lids.

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