Things You Can Work With Waxed Paper

There are lots of tricks out there when it comes to cleaning but there is always something missing or just something you have not found out about yet. One of them is cleaning with waxed paper, Yes you heard that right, and now we will be listing things you can clean using waxed paper.

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Waxed Paper vs. Parchment Paper

Make sure you’re using the correct product before you begin. Waxed paper and parchment paper are almost identical at first glance, and you probably keep them next to each other in your pantry or kitchen.

Nonetheless, there are a few noteworthy variations. Wax paper should never be placed in the oven since it is not heat resistant, at least not at high temperatures, and is covered in paraffin wax that is safe for culinary use. Conversely, parchment paper has a thin layer of silicone that is safe for food and can resist temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Both are regarded as moisture-resistant and non-stick.

While parchment paper and waxed paper are both effective for cleaning homes, waxed paper is superior in some situations, according to social media users.

Things You Can Work With Waxed Paper

Appliances and Fixtures in Chrome

Water stains are not the only things wax paper can erase! Unwanted residue, like soap scum, can be removed by rubbing it along the showerhead, bathtub, and sink faucets. Wax paper can also be used to remove fingerprints and other marks from cabinet hardware, drawer pulls, and toilet bowl handles.
How to Spotlessly Clean Bathroom Fixtures and Faucets

Mirrors and Glass

Use waxed paper to clean the vanity mirror and the glass shower door while you’re cleaning the bathroom so that no stains remain. While there are easy do-it-yourself window cleaning recipes, wax paper works particularly well for stubborn smudges.

Stainless steel

To make your kitchen appliances really shine, go over and above with a waxed paper buff after cleaning them as usual. Wax paper has the same anti-hard water properties as bathroom fittings, but it also deters dust and debris for a longer amount of time.

Water stains and soap residue are common in dishwashers; you can use wax paper to clean the interior of yours. Got guests arriving at the last minute and not enough time for a thorough cleaning? Using the same ball of wax paper, quickly remove oily fingerprints off microwave and refrigerator handles.

Tools and Small Appliances

Wax paper is a useful tool not only for cleaning stainless steel tools but also for restoring them to optimal functionality. You can lubricate and remove food particles that have become stuck in the gears of your can opener by running a piece of paper down them. Similarly, you can clean any gunk and sharpen dull blades on your scissors.

Run some wax paper over your iron if it has accumulated dirt, or, for a deeper clean, iron over a sheet that has been sprinkled with baking soda or salt to get rid of stubborn grime. Bonus tip: Try using it to clean your curling iron or hair straightener of any sticky hairspray.

Dusty Surfaces

Wood will have the same protective effect against dust that waxed paper has on appliances. Use it to dust, clean, and polish furniture as well as dust-prone areas like baseboards, ceiling fans, and blinds. It may even replace those pricey dry mop pads that are only meant to be used once, and it is safe to use on hardwood floors.

Residue of Wax

Paradoxically, spilled wax can be cleaned off surfaces with waxed paper. For example, if the holders for your dining room table’s tapered candles have leaked, just apply some paper to the solidified wax areas and see how easily it comes off.

Rods, Hinges, and Doors

Wax paper can be used to smooth out surfaces so that objects slide or open more easily. If you notice that your curtains (or windows) are getting stuck along their rod, that your hinges are becoming squeaky, or that a door is continually jamming, try applying some across rods, directly onto metal hinges, and along the door frame.

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