Things You Can Use A Beauty Blender For

My makeup bag will always have the egg-shaped application sponge known as Beautyblender. The Beautyblender sponge is incredibly spongy and narrows at the top, allowing it to bounce off the skin’s surface with ease. Also, it is made specifically to not absorb product, so you won’t have to worry about wasting foundation.

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Things You Can Use A Beauty Blender For

Beauty blender is typically used to apply concealer and foundation

The game has completely changed when it comes to applying and blending concealer and foundation: “Beauty blenders make the foundation application nearly foolproof. With the tool, not only is it simpler to access the difficult-to-reach places around the nostrils and beneath the eyes than with several brushes, but it also facilitates the flawless blending of cosmetics.

It works well when you apply your preferred skin-care products

It never occurred to me to use a Beautyblender to apply skincare items like serums and moisturizers, but it totally makes sense given that the sponge won’t absorb them. Also, utilizing the sponge results in a much more equal application and far less mess on your fingertips.

The technique might be advantageous for you if you intend to use a sponge to apply makeup following your preferred skincare. Applying face oil or cream with a Beautyblender feels great and the blender also manages to hold onto some of the product. The product combines with the skincare that is still on your face when you apply your foundation to produce a more supple finish.

Use it to keep your makeup locked in place with powder

One of the greatest ways to guarantee that your makeup is locked and loaded is to apply powder with a sponge, which enables you to set smaller areas like the area under the eyes that may be challenging to achieve with a powder brush. I always use a damp Beauty blender with setting powder to ‘fake bake.

Apply cream blush with it

When applying cream blushes, reach for a moist sponge since this method helps to gradually build up cheek colour. Smiling, dab cream blush into the apples of your cheeks with a Beautyblender. ” You can apply the blush to the desired region once or several times, depending on how dramatic or natural you want your blush to look.

To assist with makeup removal

You may not have thought about using a beauty blender to apply and remove your makeup. While most people believe that a Beautyblender should only be used to apply cosmetics, it also effectively removes makeup. It can be either of the two depending on the motion you utilize.

I bounce the product on my face in layers to apply makeup. I use a wiping motion to totally remove the product or tone down the colours while removing it.

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