The Right Way To Use Keratin Treatment For Black Hair

The fact that the path to frizz-free hair can frequently be paved with damage is well known to those with natural hair, which is why so many people have turned to keratin treatments in recent years. One of the most well-liked methods for straightening hair, particularly for Black hair, are keratin treatments, sometimes referred to as Brazilian keratin treatments (BKT for short) and Brazilian straightening treatments.

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What Is a Keratin Treatment?

Brazilian keratin treatments don’t contain sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide, which are common yet harmful compounds in natural hair relaxers. Additionally, they lack the substances found in perm solutions, such as ammonium thioglycolate.

Instead, keratin, a protein found naturally in human hair, is used as the “active” element to straighten your hair: Since keratin is a protein found in hair, the name “keratin” refers to a protein therapy.

It is a strengthening and smoothing hair treatment. While it doesn’t straighten hair, it smoothes it, lessens curl, focuses on weak areas, aids in damage healing, and strengthens the hair structure.

Keratin Treatment Advantages

When applied properly, keratin “reinforces your hair and tames the frizz, which makes it healthier.”

Naturally, when done correctly, the keratin treatment can be beneficial for people wishing to embrace their natural texture while maintaining length. Keratin is a fantastic solution for people who experience relaxer breakage. Although not everyone will enjoy it.

The Right Way To Use Keratin Treatment For Black Hair

The hair can be straightened and the curl pattern can be loosened using a keratin treatment. It can also assist with hair de-frizz. A relaxer or texturizer is not the same chemical as a keratin treatment. The majority of keratin treatments involve physical manipulation of the hair using heat, such as that provided by a flat iron.

From start to completion, your keratin treatment should take at least a few hours.

Similar to applying hair colour, a stylist will apply a keratin solution to your hair throughout the procedure. After that, they’ll blow dry your hair and seal it using high heat (up to 450° F).

To seal the formula into the hair’s cuticle, heat is necessary, typically in the form of a flat iron. Your hair might be so straight after the treatment that it lacks body, but don’t worry—the volume will gradually return.


Some of the more recent keratin treatments could let you shampoo immediately afterwards, but many of them don’t. After more conventional treatments, you won’t be able to wash or even get your hair wet for the first few days.

While taking a shower or bath, a secure hair cover is important. There are several adorable green options for shower caps. Sweating is prohibited, as is using any type of product on your hair. In addition, you should refrain from wearing your hair up in a ponytail, a bun, or even tucked behind your ears.

Any of these generally unharmful items can result in kinks that will remain in your hair for the duration of your treatment.

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