The Beautiful Hermes Bag Made From Crocodile Skin And Diamond

Hermes bag is a record-breaking bag made from crocodile skin and 18k white gold and diamond. The bag is a 2016 model from a French luxury fashion house.

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The Hermes bags are the first-ever Hermès Diamond Himalaya Birkin offered in an online sale and set a new price record for any bag sold in USA, it also has the highest price ever auctioned online for a handbag.

These bags are not just expensive they are luxurious bags, it has a world of expensive handbag worth £230,000 ($300,000).

These bags have buyers around 29 countries of the world through the buyers are anonymous. The bag is made from the skin of a Niloticus crocodile in Africa.

Bags made from crocodile or alligator skin are very durable and delicate and they are not waterproof, excessive water can cause your bag to dry out quickly, develop spots, and even result in breaking.

How to care for your crocodile skin bag

Avoid excessive direct sunlight – Always store your bags in a cool dry place where the sunlight doesn’t have access to

Do not use household chemicals on it

Do not use alcohol on it

Avoid excess water from touching your bag

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