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Telegram Sign Up And Login Account – How Do I Register Telegram Messenger Online Sign Up

Telegram Sign Up And Login Account is what we will be covering in the course of this article. Thus, if you are here because you are in dire need of the processes involved in how to register Telegram account, this article has gotten you covered. Continue reading below and please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and loved ones.

For those of us that would want to know, Telegram sign up allow you access Telegram messenger App; – An instant messaging platform with which you can keep in touch with family, friends or colleagues. Available for mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Windows and laptop.

The messaging app lets you communicate across other users by way of sending and receiving messages, share moments by capturing and sharing videos. You can also exchange photos, files including audio files and many more.

Before you can enjoy all of these benefits, you must create Telegram online account through Telegram sign up. After which you can always access your account through Telegram login and then you can share moments with other users.

This brings us to the purpose of this article on how to register Telegram messenger account. Thus, we are going to show you below how you can create your own Telegram account, also referred to as Telegram Sign up.

Here Are The Unique Features Of Telegram Messenger

There are features which Telegram account comes with, which every user enjoys;

1. Registration of Telegram account is available for everyone, irrespective of country or location.

2. Telegram sign up and login is completely free.

3. Sharing of files among Telegram messenger users is also free.

4. The messaging platform lets you send and receive messages, photos, videos and more.

5. Bring those moments to live with unique stickers to express your mood.

6. Telegram app is available for all mobile phone users.

How To Login | Sign Up Telegram Messenger Account. (Overview)

In this section, let us look at how you can login Telegram account and also create account simultaneously;

1. Visit Telegram official login page on

2. Select your country

3. Enter your country code and your full mobile phone number.

4. Click on “Next” – It is on the top right hand side of the login form.

5. Telegram will ask you to confirm it is your phone number, Simply click “OK”

N|B: Ensure you have entered your number correctly, as a confirmation code would be sent to the line for you to confirm.

6. Enter the code (in the appropriate space) which has been sent to your mobile phone.

Once you have entered the code correctly, another page will be opened where you will enter your First Name and Last Name.

7. After entering your names, click on “Next”

Telegram will automatically create your Telegram messenger account for you, all for free.

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Now that you have completed Telegram sign up and have also been logged in, you can now set up your account by adding contacts, setting your profile photo and changing your name in settings.

Telegram Sign Up – How to Create Telegram Account On Mobile

1. Go to App store of your phone

2. Search “Telegram” and download it.

3. When it completes download.

4. Open the App

5. Tap on “Start Messaging” button to begin sign up

6. Select your Country and your country code

7. Type in your phone number, and tap “Next” button. (Telegram will send you a verification code to your phone number via text message)

8. Enter the verification code in the field provided.

9. Enter your full name to complete the Telegram sign up process.

At this point your Telegram account is ready for you to use it. You can go ahead and personalize your account and set up your profile with your username, profile photo and other settings.

How to Create a Telegram Account On Your PC

A lot of people want to know if they can create a Telegram account from their computer. Often they ask, how do I sign up Telegram account on PC?

Unfortunately, you cannot create a Telegram account on PC. Although Telegram allows to sync your messages across your devices and as such lets you access your Telegram messages across your devices.

Thus, you can create your Telegram account on mobile device and after that you can access your account on computer using Telegram web after your first sign up on mobile device.

Follow the guide below to sign up Telegram account on your Android phone

1. Download Telegram mobile app for Android from Google play store – It is app store for Android device.

2. After Telegram app installs to your phone

3. Tap on “Start Messaging” option.

4. Select your country

5. Enter your country code

6. Enter your phone number

7. Tap on “Continue” button (It is a blue arrow)

N|B: Telegram will send you a code to your phone number via text message.

8. Enter the code from the SMS Telegram sent you, and tap “Continue”

9. Type in your full name and submit to complete the Telegram register.

10. Set up your Telegram account by adding your profile picture and doing other required settings.

Note: Once you download Telegram app and installs it, Telegram will ask your for permission to access your device, your contacts and other things. You can decide to allow or deny these permissions. But then, allowing Telegram access will enable maximum functionality of the app.

Download Telegram Desktop App

1. Go to Telegram desktop app page on

2. Click on “Get Telegram for your computer version”

3. Open your installer once the download completes.

4. Tap “OK” to get started with the setup. Select “Next” to progress accordingly.

5. Click “Install” to complete the installation.

6. Click “Finish” button when the installation completes.

Now you can setup your Telegram for your computer or PC.

1. Open your Telegram desktop app

2. Click “Start Messaging”

3. Select your country and confirm your country code

4. Enter your phone number which should be phone number you are using for your Telegram account on mobile.

5. Click “Next” to proceed and get a verification code via SMS.

6. Type in the verification code in the field required.

7. Click “Next” to finish the Telegram configuration on your PC. And now your Telegram account is ready for you to use on your PC.

In case you do not want to use the Telegram desktop app, you can also access it on your computer using Telegram web login website page.

There are two different ways to go about this when you visit the page, either using telegram web QR code or entering your phone number. We are going to explain that below.

Using Telegram web QR Code to Login On your PC

1. Go to Telegram web page on

2. Scan the QR code on the web page from your mobile Telegram. Here is how to do this;

  • Open Telegram on your phone
  • Go to Settings > Devices > Link Desktop Device > Scan QR
  • Scan the image you are seeing on Telegram web page to log in.
  • Otherwise, click “Log In By Phone Number” to access Telegram on PC using your phone number.

Follow the steps below;

1. Click “Log In By Phone Number”

2. Select your country and confirm your country code.

3. Enter your phone number.

Telegram will send a code to your phone number, enter the code and you will be signed in to your Telegram account on your PC.

How to Sign Up Telegram Account On iPhone

Telegram is available for iPhone users and it is easy to set up Telegram account on iPhone. Follow the steps below to create Telegram account using your iPhone mobile device.

1. Download and install Telegram Messenger app from Apple Store page

2. Open Telegram app once the download completes.

3. Tap on “Start Messaging”

4. Choose your country and select your country code.

5. Enter your phone number.

6. Tap “Next” and enter the code which Telegram sends to your mobile phone.

7. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete your account setup and personalize your Telegram account.

How to Sign Up Telegram Account On Android Phone

Follow the step below to create a Telegram account on your Android device.

Before you start, download Telegram messenger app from Google play store.

1. Open the app (When you complete download and installation)

2. Tap on “Start Messaging” to initiate Telegram account setup.

3. Select your country, and confirm your country code.

4. Type in your phone number.

5. Tap “Continue” – It is the blue arrow on the screen.

6. Enter the verification code sent to your phone number from Telegram.

7. Enter your name and personalize your Telegram account.

8. Go to settings to setup your account and upload your profile picture.

How to Hide your Phone Number On Telegram Account On Android

1. Tap on the menu – It is the 3 vertical lines.

2. Select “Settings”

3. Select the “Privacy and Security” option.

4. Tap on the “Phone Number” option to see the “Who Can See My Number” option.

5. Change the option to “My Contacts” or “Nobody”, depending on whether you want ONLY your contacts to see your phone number, or nobody should see your number.

When you choose the “Nobody” option, it will open the option where you change this to “My Contacts” for security. This means nobody else can see your phone number other than your contacts. By this, random Telegram users cannot see your phone number.

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That is it on Telegram Sign Up And Login Account – How Do I Register Telegram Messenger Online Sign Up. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share!!!



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