Spot To Clean Before Guests Arrive

Prior to a party or get-together, the hours always seem to go so quickly. It’s very simple to procrastinate cleaning chores until the last minute in favor of cooking, setting the table, and adding finishing touches to your décor. Don’t panic if visitors are arriving and you haven’t taken up a scrub brush or plugged in the vacuum.

In a matter of minutes, you may make your house company-ready by taking on a few significant cleaning jobs. Focusing on the locations that guests are most likely to visit and soliciting family members’ assistance are crucial to success.

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Spot To Clean Before Guests Arrive

Pick up the entryway

Make sure your foyer is clean and inviting before anything else to greet guests. Clear the area near the door so that guests can hang their coats and kick off their shoes. Toss the carpets outside to shake off any loose dirt, dust, or debris, or use a vacuum or brush to sweep the floors.

Organize the kitchen

There’s a good probability that someone will wind up in the kitchen during your party if there will be food. To make the kitchen appear cleaner right away, put any dishes in the sink and remove anything extra from the countertop. Use a damp microfiber towel or cleaning wipe to clean the counters and vacuum or sweep any visible crumbs from the floor.

Vacuum high-traffic areas

Even though you might not have time to thoroughly clean your carpets and wipe the floors before guests come, a simple run through the vacuum can still make a big difference. Pay close attention to any locations where you can see obvious filth or debris, such as pet hair, as well as areas that will receive the greatest traffic during the event, such as the living room and adjacent hallways. You can go from room to room more quickly and easily with a cordless vacuum instead of spending time untangling cords.

Make sure the bathroom is cleaned quickly

Spend a few minutes cleaning the restroom that most visitors will use. Apply toilet bowl cleaning first to save time, and then begin sanitizing other surfaces while it works. After cleaning the mirror of smudges and watermarks using a glass cleaner, use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the counters and sink. In a pinch, a moist microfiber towel may also do the trick. After cleaning the other surfaces, quickly scrub the toilet bowl with the toilet brush and flush. Last but not least, replenish the bathroom with plenty of soap and toilet paper and lay out new hand towels.

Do a quick declutter

Use this easy tip to declutter the key gathering places in your home: Gather all the things that don’t belong in the room and place them in a washing basket.

Dust common surfaces

Clear away unsightly dust on easily visible areas such as coffee tables, baseboards, and lampshades. You can skip areas that guests likely won’t notice, such as the top of your refrigerator or ceiling fan. When you don’t have time to spray and wipe every surface, a handheld microfiber duster ($7, Target) can make quick work of this chore.

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