Simple Way To Create A Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner adds beauty to your face but they are difficult to draw perfectly especially when doing it with your free except you are a professional. You could make mistake drawing the wrong line or extending it more than you should.

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This does not only waste eyeliner since you will always have to clean your eyes when you make mistakes but it also ruins your makeup if you have already applied other makeup on your face also it is stressful.

But there is a simple way to get it done perfectly and that’s what this article is all about, all you need is a spoon and your eyeliner. This may sound surprising since the kitchen spoon is not a makeup kit but trust me you will need it for this one.

To get your eyeliner done 

  • Place your spoon handle on the corner of your eyes
  • Draw a line following the handle placed on your eye
  • Cup your eyes with the round part of your spoon
  • Follow the rounded part to create a curvy tip of your wing
  • Use your eyeliner to paint in between the lines you’ve drawn
  • Then extend the line to the other part of your eyes.

This way you have achieved that perfect winged liner you desire.

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