Simple Steps For Applying Wide Eye Set Makeup

The key to pulling off a distinctive look is to become an expert at applying eye makeup. You must concentrate on the inner regions of the eyes while applying eye makeup for wide-set eyes. A well-applied eye makeup look has the power to completely change your appearance. We’ll discover more about a few easy ways to apply eye makeup for wide-set eyes in the coming paragraphs.

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Simple Steps For Applying Wide Eye Set Makeup

Start by Shaping your Eyebrows

The eyes appear closer when the brows are thick and full. It is advised to close the space between your brows. It can be accomplished by drawing a little more inward on both brows. Use a brow pomade and gently draw in hair-like strokes to achieve a natural-looking finish.

Apply a Neutral Colour on the Eyelid

For flawless eye contouring, apply a neutral tone to the eyelids that extends just above the crease and to the outer corner of the eye. Apply primary hues on the eyelid, such as light brown or champaign.

Lower Lash Line

Apply a thin line of colour below the eye using a fine brush; the line should match the colour on the eyelid.

Inner Corners Of the Eye

Apply a deeper hue, such as dark brown, to the inner corner of each eye and gradually blend it out to the outside corner. Ascend to the inner corner. Stated differently, it’s the antithesis of the norm. Because the inner corner is the focus, this gives the eyes a narrow appearance.

Highlight Your Eyes

Eye highlighting can be achieved by applying a colour in the middle, just below the brow bone, to draw attention to the pupil. For a flawless finish, blend it with the colour of the crease.

Line your Eyes

To create the appearance of closer-set eyes, take a very dark colour, tap it to the inner corner of each eye, and then extend it to the middle. Steer clear of wing eyeliner.

Put on a mascara

Put on a layer of mascara, or more if necessary, to finish the look and make it last longer.

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