8 Common Signs To Know If Your Android Phone has a virus

8 Signs To Know If Your Android Phone has a virus – Having a virus in your android phone will not only change some of the features of your phones but it will definitely cause some damage such as overheating. So, it is important to know when your android device has a virus to enable you act fast.

While some viruses will simply limit the function of your phone, some have more malicious intent to steal and remove data or make unauthorized purchases. You often won’t recognize a virus immediately since malware can run dormant while using your phone as usual.

Some sub optimal performance issues are a normal symptom of wear on a phone. However, these symptoms can also be a sign of malicious malware at work. If you have performance issues on your phone, troubleshoot by attempting to remove the virus.

These 8 Common signs are an indication that your phone may have a virus:

  • Excessive data usage
  • Fraudulent charges
  • Apps crashing
  • Pop-ups
  • Increased battery drain
  • Unrecognizable apps
  • Overheating
  • Spam texts

Excessive data usage

A compromised phone may have a virus that’s running in the background, undetected, which may significantly increase overall data usage.

Fraudulent charges

Some forms of trojans may drive up your phone bill with in-app purchases and text charges to premium accounts which hackers can then collect on.

Apps crashing

If the software on your phone is compromised, it can cause apps to repeatedly crash. Android phones may have viruses because there can be a number of reasons apps will crash, so double check your storage isn’t full and you don’t have too many apps running at once before assuming the worst.


While some pop-ups are a normal function of advertising while browsing the web, if your browser is closed and you’re experiencing increased pop-ups you may be experiencing adware, a type of malware that’s goal is data-mining.

Increased battery drain

Android phones may have viruses because if a virus, like malware, is running in the background during normal cell use, you may experience an inexplicably quick drain on your battery with the increased use of your phone’s RAM.

Unrecognizable apps

When you see apps that were mysteriously downloaded, they may be a malicious form of malware. Trojan horses can also attach themselves to legitimate applications and cause further damage.


Android phones may have viruses because Malware can consume RAM and CPU quickly, which can cause your phone to overheat. While it can be normal for your phone to occasionally overheat, this chronic issue could also be a signal that there’s something more dangerous afoot.

Spam texts

A common form of malware that can be found on a cell phone will gather sensitive data and attempt to also infect your contacts by sending texts with dangerous links and attachments.

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