Should Green Tea Be Added To Your Hair Wash

This is the perfect time to switch if you’ve been drinking coffee. Green tea includes all the scientifically documented advantages of green goodness, including its abundance of antioxidants, capacity to improve brain function, and even able to improve heart health.

Green tea has many advantages, but it also has advantages for your hair. Due to how beneficial green tea can be for your hair you find most hair brands adding it to their product.

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Green tea advantages for hair

Green tea helps to promote hair development. According to studies, alopecia participants’ hair growth activity significantly increased after topical green tea extract was applied to their scalps.

Studies reveal that green tea extract can increase hair growth as well as lessen sun damage, photo-ageing, and melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

These effects are probably brought on by green tea polyphenols’ antioxidant abilities. They aid in scavenging free radicals and stopping oxidative damage.

Green Tea Hair Care: How to Use It

With the new green tea-infused products hitting the shelves, incorporating green tea into your wash day is quite simple. Even though the benefits of DIY treatments are still being debated by scientists, you can still give a rinse a shot.

Studies demonstrating the effectiveness of green tea extract on the scalp against green tea rinses are lacking. However, there is no harm in experimenting with tea rinses because they might have a positive impact.

One or two green tea bags can be added to boiling water and steeped for five minutes. After your shower, once the liquid has cooled, apply it to your hair.

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