How Can I Rent Properties on Facebook – Facebook Marketplace Rentals Categories

Are you wondering if you can actually rent properties on facebook? Or are you here because you are in search of a tutorial on facebook marketplace rentals? Here is a post that teaches everything you need to know about facebook marketplace and your properties. Let’s kick things started right away…

Beyond being a social media platform, Facebook is a market. It is a social market that can be used for networking of any sort. Real Estate isn’t in any way an exception. This is one very prominent market worldwide. There is always a need for properties (Houses, Lands, etc. which are essential amenities)

However, If you are a realtor or real estate agent, it is high time you step up your game because we now live in a digital world i.e., a world where everything is online. One of the best mediums you can get clients now and make sales is the use of Facebook.

This is because FB has created laid down means through which you can get across to your targeted audience with ease. When doing business, you are required to get your business across to the right audience (people who have an interest in your market). To prosper as a realtor, the steps are listed below:

  • Create a Facebook business page.
  • Sign up for Facebook audience insight.
  • Use Facebook Ads.

Facebook for Real Estate Agents

The first step to get and building an audience as you can see above is creating an FB business page. To get your page rolling which is the first as you can see above, kindly follow the steps below:

How to Sign in your FB account

  • At the top right of your homepage, click on the drop-down arrow.
  • From the list displayed to you, select “Create Page”.
  • On the fresh page, you are introduced to, choose the kind of page you want to create.
  • Choose the Local Business or Place option.
  • Enter the information of your business required and click “Get Started”.
  • After completing and saving all the details required of you, invite your friends to follow your page.

At the moment, you can use FB Ads and Insight tool to grow your presence on Facebook. Using these tools, you can grow your business and become a big name in your industry.

Facebook Marketplace Rentals Categories

The process involved in accessing facebook marketplace rentals categories is pretty simple and easy. Here are the steps you need:

  1. Go to
  2. Next, login your account by supplying all the necessary credentials
  3. Now, go to the left column of your facebook page and you should see marketplace icon
  4. Click on the marketplace icon and you will be taken to the Facebook marketplace interface
  5. Now, check through the different categories at the left column of the facebook marketplace and you should see rentals

That is it on How Can I Rent Properties on Facebook – Facebook Marketplace Rentals Categories. Kindly share!!!

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